Our original menu’s many vegetarian options allowed us to serve our favorite family recipes to vegetarian customers and a few months ago we put together a whole new menu for our vegan customers and now diners can choose between regular dishes, vegetarian and vegan plates.  It took some convincing on behalf of our daughter Marcela, but since we put the menu together it has been very well received and we work on adding new dishes every couple of weeks!

Mondays during lunch and dinner we have a whole new menu and  serve dishes that exclude animal products; as well as your favorite recipes from the regular menu.  The fried avocado tacos with mango salsa are a favorite, not to mention the vegan fried ice cream!!  Check out the full menu below and come check out your favorites.

We are always working on something new and welcome your ideas, just reach out to us at info@donemilianos.com and let us know if you have a favorite recipe we should try.

Enchiladas, tortas, fajitas and tacos without meat and with vegan cheese, ‘beef’ crumbles and sour cream that taste like traditional Mexican food is a big win!

The vegan dishes Marcela has approved are so delicious and  meat-like that people often ask: Are you sure this is vegan?